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Blockchain jobs surged by 250% in 2022, 5x higher than other tech jobs. About 38% of jobs in the blockchain industry are for non-technical roles in a variety of areas.

The figures are intriguing, but there is confusion about what kind of crypto employment is available and if these web3 occupations require technical abilities like coding and programming.

Many people overlook that non-technical employment in Web3 is also accessible, and they pay just as well. Let us look at some jobs that non-technically proficient people may play in the crypto realm, which should address all of your questions.

😎 Managers of Communities

Community is essential to the success of any endeavor. However, if the community is not continuously managed and monitored, bots and spam messages can cause chaos. To keep the community safe, #Web3 initiatives typically employ community managers, who respond to community members’ questions and restrict undesired conduct by warning, muting, or banning users from groups. Apart from basic project expertise, this position just requires decent interpersonal and linguistic abilities.

💴Estimated Salary — $37K to $65K💴

😎 Ambassadors

Ambassadors are the project’s voice and face in the crypto sphere. They generate a lot of goodwill for the initiative by raising awareness about it in numerous online and offline venues. Again, no technical abilities are required; simply having a good speaking style and understanding of what makes a project successful is sufficient.

💴Estimated Salary — $35K to $75K💴

😎 Curators and writers of content

Having a fantastic project is never enough if it cannot successfully interact with its community. Web3 initiatives recruit content writers who can develop successful content pieces to inform, educate, and encourage individuals to try the product/service being offered.

💴Estimated Salary — $30K to $55K💴

😎 Designers and artists

With the rise of NFTs and creative-looking websites, the opportunities for artists and designers are limitless. Website design, UI/UX design, motion graphic design, video editors, illustrators, and picture editors are all examples of roles. There are both part-time and full-time job possibilities available here. Entry-level Web3 employment are also available for these occupations.

💴Estimated Salary — $60K to $88K💴

😎 Sales and marketing

Web3 initiatives, like any other traditional business, require great sales and marketing activities to scale and flourish. As a result, they are always on the search for people who can bring creative marketing and sales tactics, such as growth hacking, to the table. Web3 positions are open to those with no prior crypto experience.

💴Estimated Salary — $45K to $137K💴

😎 The beta-testers

Web3 is built on cutting edge technology, therefore before features are made accessible to the general public, they must undergo intensive testing. Defi services and Play2Earn games from the Metaverse are examples of this.

💴Estimated Salary — $40K to $77K💴

😎 Remote Work and Freelance Gigs

When it comes to Web3.0 jobs, there is a plethora of freelancing and remote work opportunities, because Web3 is all about decentralization.

💴Estimated Salary — $32K to $68K💴



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