Searching for Solidity Developers on GitHub. Finding email addresses in 3 ways. Part 2

Hi everyone,

Happy to see you here again 🤟 Second part is ready. Please, take a seat and enjoy.

Searching by language, location and number of followers.

For the purpose of tech recruitment, the most important parameters for searching GitHub are:

  • Language
  • Location
  • Followers

In the search above, I’m looking for Solidity proficient software developers based in London with more than 5 followers.

“language:solidity location:london followers:>5”

Here’s the syntax you need to find candidates with the desired number of followers:

followers:>10 — users with more than 10 followers,
followers:5..50 — users with between 5 and 50 followers
followers:<75 — users with less than 75 followers

Another cool GitHub search tip is to change your parameters directly in the URL:

Source: GitHub

All you need to do is change language names of location names directly in the URL in your browser, which I’ve personally found saves a lot of time and effort.

Finding email addresses

Way 1. From Github profile.

1. Search results:

Source: GitHub

2. Profile Bio:

Source: GitHub

Alternatively, some users (like the one above) provide their Linkedin or websites in the bio section and you can find their contact details directly on these sites.

Way 2. The Data Pack

  1. Copy GitHub nick.
Source: GitHub

2. Use this platform.

3. Done 🚀

Way 3. GitHub API

1. Copy and paste the next line into your browser (feel free to bookmark it):

2. Find the GitHub username for which you want the email:

Source: GitHub

3. Replace the Recruin2022 in the URL with the person’s GitHub username.

Source: GitHub

4. Hit Enter.

5. Press Ctrl+F and search for “email”.

Source: GitHub

Searching commits of a given candidate

You can find commits authored or committed by your candidate by using one of the following search commands.

author:Akif-G returns all commits authored by @Akif-G

committer:Akif-G returns all commits committed by @Akif-G

Finding good repositories

Like we said earlier, good code gets forked and starred a lot. Here’s how you can find frequently forked repositories (and more importantly for us, users who created them).

forks:5 repositories with five forks only.

forks:>=205 repositories with at least 205 forks.

forks:<90 repositories with fewer than 90 forks.

forks:10..20 repositories with 10 to 20 forks.

Sorting your search results

Results are sorted by “Best match” by default. You can change your sort options in the drop-down menu:

Source: GitHub

Best behaviour

I am pretty sure you know this, but given the bad reputation tech recruiters get, let’s just say it again: be sure to respect people’s boundaries. When you go through search results, you get to come across all types of information, including “no recruiters” claims in the bio section like I’ve shown you above.

If you’re on your best behaviour, you should be fine, but the first rule is to respect people’s boundaries.


NEVER email people if they say they don’t want you to.

ALWAYS respect their boundaries.

CROSS-REFERENCE profiles in other platforms, including Stack Overflow, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK before you email your candidate. Dig into their Stack Overflow and GitHub profiles to get an idea of what they’re doing and try to start a conversation with that.

BE SPECIFIC when you decide to reach out. Don’t offer “a couple of cool opportunities” but provide all the necessary information like salary, location, job title.

Stay with us and hire the best developers 🤟

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions regarding the article 🙃

Site 🦄 Email 🦄 Linkedin 🦄 Twitter 🦄 Telegram 🦄 Instagram




Blockchain Recruitment for DeFi, NFT, Metaverse and Tech Startups | Co-Founder & CTO Search

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Blockchain Recruitment for DeFi, NFT, Metaverse and Tech Startups | Co-Founder & CTO Search

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