Recruin partners with Unit Masters bring 10,000+ web3 job opportunities to Unit’s ecosystem

Hello Recruin Community!

We are thrilled to announce Recruin’ partnership with Unit Masters with a double goal: offering Unit Masters as a free top-notch blockchain & Web3 education program to Recruin’s community and offering recruitment opportunities and career guidance to Unit Masters students and graduates!

“At Unit Masters, we are building the talent pipeline for Web3. We have trained thousands of the world’s current and future leaders in the foundations of blockchain & token economy. This partnership with Recruin is a strategic milestone in our mission to solve the wealth inequity gap in the world. Our students are receiving invaluable career guidance from leading experts in the field as well as benefit from global job opportunities to continue their journey after graduation.”
Thy-Diep (“Yip”) Ta — Co-Founder, Unit Network

This partnership will connect the blockchain learners from Unit Ecosystem to 10,000+ web3 jobs offered by the Recruin job board.

“Our partnership with Unit Masters is an exciting move to increase access to blockchain knowledge and training to push the entire industry forward.
As the space continues to grow, access to the knowledge that enables it has to grow too. We look forward to bringing this opportunity to Recruin’s community.”
Zhanna Manzyk — Head of Operations, Recruin

About Unit Masters

Unit Masters is the flagship free blockchain literacy program for the world. It was introduced in November 2020 by Unit Network with the aim to bring more awareness to the blockchain economy and equip more people with the necessary skills to find their home in Web3.

Unit Masters is a cohort-based program with live speaker and demo sessions with the world’s top-notch Web3 builders, creators and leaders. You also get an on chain certification for successfully completing the program.

For more information and to sign up for the program, please visit

To learn more about Unit, please follow the links:
Unit Masters website | Unit Network website | LinkedIn | Twitter | Telegram | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok

About Recruin

Recruin is a Tech-enabled Recruitment solution company focusing on Blockchain and Technology industry. Led by Abhishek Shrivastava, who has recruited leadership teams of Fortune 500 companies, Recruin has been operating since 2019, serving the most prominent names in the Blockchain space for their tech and leadership positions. Their recruitment strategies have helped the Startups to connect with the Right Talent that not only performs but also fits culturally.

Visit Recruin’s job board to find your calling in Web3

To learn more about Recruin, please follow the links:
Website | LinkedIn | Twitter | Telegram | Youtube | Instagram | Job Board



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Recruin | Blockchain & Tech Startup Recruitment

Recruin | Blockchain & Tech Startup Recruitment

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