How we hired 6 talents and improved Seedify’s business processes

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5 min readApr 26, 2023


Project’s details:

6 Positions:

  • Growth Hacker — 1
  • Marketing Manager — 1
  • HR Manager — 1
  • QA Analyst — 2
  • Blockchain Project Manager — 1

Type of service: Retainer Project-Based Model
Industry: An incubator and Launchpad platform
Number of employees: 30+
Headquarters: Istanbul (Turkey)
Key Objective: Personnel Hiring

About Client

‍Seedify is one of the crypto industry’s leading notable launchpads and incubators that provides funding, mentorship, and resources to promising projects in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Since its inception in 2021, Seedify has already invested in more than 20 projects and has a community of over 30,000 members. With its innovative approach and dedicated team, Seedify is quickly becoming a leading force in the blockchain startup ecosystem.

The Challenge

This successful company operating in a particular market segment aimed to scale up its business and increase profits. As part of this growth strategy, Seedify identified a strong need to expand its team by hiring new specialists. To achieve this goal in the most effective way possible, Seedify collaborated with our company Recruin.

Our task was to find and hire several new employees within a three-month timeframe. We took on the responsibility of finding the right candidates, conducting interviews, evaluating their skills and qualifications, and ultimately introducing them to the work process.

Our partnership with Seedify was instrumental in helping them successfully scale up their business, and we were proud to be a part of their growth journey.

The Workflow

We were responsible for managing the entire hiring process for Seedify, from writing job ads and screening candidates to conducting interviews and extending job offers. Our collaboration began with an initial online meeting where we discussed the work plan and candidate requirements, as well as the services and payment plans available to them. After careful consideration, we settled on a retained project-based model as the most suitable payment method for their company.

We then created a list of essential qualities, skills, and work experience required for each position, developed detailed job descriptions with all the necessary information, and posted job ads on our job platforms. Throughout the process, our recruiting team worked closely with Seedify, presenting candidate CVs, providing reviews on interviews, and offering our opinions on the candidates.

Together with Seedify representatives, we identified the main stages of the hiring process for each position, including interview questions and technical assessments.

  1. For technical candidates such as QA analysts (Middle, Senior), we conducted three stages of selection, including a pre-screen interview with a recruiter and a technical interview.
  2. For positions such as HR Manager and Blockchain Project Manager, we conducted a pre-screen interview, a CV review, and an interview with C-level executives.
  3. For other roles, such as Marketing Manager and Growth Hacker, we conducted a pre-screen interview, a test task, a technical interview, and a culture fit interview.

We maintained constant communication with Seedify throughout the hiring process, using messengers, emails, and general calls to keep them updated on the project’s progress. They had access to all project files and were able to monitor each stage of the project. As a result of our collaboration, we were able to successfully hire the exact specialists Seedify needed, completing all tasks ahead of schedule. We are proud to have played a crucial role in supporting their growth and success.

The Approach

We utilized headhunting techniques to identify and recruit top talent for Seedify. Our team used a range of tools and platforms, including LinkedIn Recruiter (as an official LinkedIn Partner), Stack Overflow, Amazing Hiring, GitHub, and other platforms to search for potential candidates. We also leveraged our extensive database of 130,000+ candidates and the Recruin job board to identify highly qualified individuals who may not have been actively seeking new opportunities.

Through our headhunting efforts, we were able to identify a pool of highly skilled and experienced candidates who were not actively seeking new opportunities. By reaching out to them directly and highlighting the unique benefits of working with Seedify, we were able to attract some of the best people in the industry to join their team.‍

The Results

Thanks to our collaboration, Seedify was able to close all positions within 3 months and hire 6 highly qualified specialists for both technical and non-technical roles. Our efforts resulted in a 100% success rate, demonstrating the effectiveness of our recruitment strategy and the quality of candidates we were able to identify and attract for Seedify.

Final Words

Being in the rapidly evolving Blockchain gaming, NFT and Metaverse Space, we have had to scale our business rapidly with specialized, highly skilled staff. Recruin has been instrumental in sourcing, evaluating and recommending the right people to help us build our business. The proactive and helpful team are a pleasure to deal with as well!

Neil Meintjes,
Head Of Business Development at Seedify

Working with Seedify has been an incredibly rewarding experience for us. One of the ways we were able to support them was by assisting in the recruitment of top talent from the global market. Through our collaboration, we were able to identify and attract skilled professionals to join Seedify’s team, contributing to the success of their projects.

The close communication and partnership with the Seedify team made the workflow seamless, despite the complexity of the task at hand. We are proud to have been a part of their journey and look forward to continued collaboration.

Niha Imtiaz,
Head of the Delivery department at Recruin

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