Data Scientist Job Outlook 2023!


The responsibilities of a data scientist involve utilizing their expertise to make well-informed decisions and manage products effectively, all with the goal of adding value to a business. These activities can differ based on factors such as the size of the business, available resources, and specific needs..

Where Do Data Scientists Work?

Data science jobs and compensation vary depending on location, industry, and company. In a study of 806 positions, 336 companies across 50 industries and 49 states were examined to determine common job posting locations.

Top Industries

The demand for data scientists varies by industry.

Our study of 806 job postings on LinkedIn found that the IT & Tech sector had the most openings at 49%, followed by Financial Services (14%) Staffing and Recruiting (11%). Only 4% of the job offers were in the industrial sector and 3% in healthcare.

Top 5 List of Country for Data Science Jobs with Salary

Apart from the above countries there are some other best countries to work as a Data Scientist.

  • France- offering annual salary of $86,399
  • South Africa- offering annual salary of $54,329
  • Russia- offering annual salary of $39,150
  • Singapore- offering annual salary of $38,514
  • Indonesia- offering annual salary of $37,981

The top 10 states with the most job postings were listed in US

If we compare these results to the data we obtained in a similar study from 2022, we’ll notice that nothing has drastically changed. California was still the leading state with 177 openings (15%). Next came Virginia (141, 12%), Washington (90, 7%), New York (68, 5%), etc.


Data scientists must possess technical skills and practical knowledge about their industry. Since many of the postings were for jobs in Engineering and IT departments and the financial sector, employers also value degrees in the respective fields. So, Engineering and Economics were also high on the required education list.

So, even if you don’t have a degree in data science, you can still get a job. You don’t necessarily need to invest years and a small fortune in a university degree. Obtaining a certificate from an online course might suffice. If the curriculum is comprehensive, you can learn enough to prepare an impressive portfolio.

How Much Do Data Scientists Make?

Becoming a data scientist is a challenging process, but it can be highly rewarding. According to research, the average annual salary for data scientists in the US is $125,242, although factors such as industry, education, and company size can affect salary. Employment type is also a major factor, with intern data scientists earning an average of $98,242 per year. It’s worth noting that most data science job postings on LinkedIn are for full-time positions.



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