10 Things Job Seekers Should Know

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5 min readJan 17, 2023

Get a good start on your job search. What you should know is as follows.

Of course, looking for a job is never fun, but a well-prepared job seeker is more likely to find the process less stressful. While performing a job search in the current market is not an exact science and there are many variables at play, there are a few things that everyone will be happier to know upfront.

1. Use your network.

Let’s begin with a situation that might be beyond your control. Without posting any job openings, more and more roles are being filled. Nowadays, it would be difficult to conduct a job search without hearing about networking and its importance. This is especially true given the state of the employment market. Due to the fact that HR workers are overworked and would rather not recruit someone who already has a supporter within the organisation, a reference is more likely to land the job. If you’re now looking for a job, keep in mind that you are constantly seeking work because informal hiring is occurring on a larger scale.

2. Streamline your online behavior.

Google searches are frequently used by employers prior to making a hiring decision, and social media might raise immediate alarms. Clean up your Facebook page before you start looking for a job. This counsel often elicits defensive responses from people, but the truth is that once something is said or done, it can be difficult to take it back. Examine your privacy settings, and if something seems dubious, perhaps leave it off the Internet.

3. You’ll need a strong resume.

The standards for resumes are constantly changing, so just because it was effective three or ten years ago, doesn’t imply it still is. The layout of your CV is significantly less important than the content, as the great majority of openings that do make it to job boards will only accept online applications. Color and artistic flair can only confuse computer screens, but it should still be appealing and simple to read. Your impressive job experience might not even be seen by a potential employer simply because your font isn’t one the computer can read. A basic resume is best!

4. Be aware of the ATS.

Your selection of keywords will also have an impact on whether or not your resume will pass the applicant tracking system. When advice columns advise you to read the posting or use keywords, they really mean it! Make sure X, Y, and Z are listed on your resume if you have experience with them if the job posting specifies that you require experience with X, Y, and Z. It might take more work, but sending out a resume that a machine will automatically reject isn’t a good use of your time either.

5. Concentrate on your achievements.

Another resume hints: Whether you’re searching for a job as a sales manager or a nurse, we all know what your job entails. You won’t stand out by sending in a resume that just lists your duties in sales or nursing. Why do you make the ideal nurse? What sets you apart from the 200 other sales managers who are all vying for the job? The simple solution is an achievement.

6. While in the interview, get a sense of the business.

You’ve changed your resume, and it’s now effective. You started receiving calls for interviews! If you’ve been out of the job market for a long, your first interview may feel extremely different. Initially, you might have gone in expecting to meet with a single person but were instead met by the entire department. Because they involve more than just the job, team interviews are becoming prevalent. Additionally, it is not about how you perform alone, but rather how you integrate with the group.

7. Remain calm after the interview.

Interview completed. I assume they’ll call in a week. They won’t, most likely. If you do hear back, it won’t come right away, and the interview process now takes longer than it did in the past. If you enter the interview believing that it would be the last one, you might be shocked to learn that there are still three or four steps ahead. In reality, businesses frequently invite candidates and finalists in for trial periods these days. It can range from an hour to an entire day of shadowing.

8. Keep an open mind.

The harsh reality is that job searchers have it extremely difficult in this economy. In general, earnings are lower, and more jobs are becoming freelance or part-time. You might not have the same title for the task you’ve always liked, and it might now be done by a team. But instead of seeing this as a drawback, think about the possibilities. Perhaps you enjoy selling but have always wanted to work in consulting. You may have to work harder given the state of the market, but you will also have the opportunity to try new things. New goods also provide new relationships and talents.

9. Keep everything in perspective.

The fact that this makes it even more competitive is another painful reality. When you arrive for an interview, you might not be surprised to learn that there are other applicants for the same position. You might believe that you are one of the five persons who have been contacted for an interview, but you soon learn that there were actually 500 applicants. Keep everything in perspective, but once more, chances are that if you don’t get the job, another one just opened up since the person they chose for this one quit their job for another.

10. It’s not personal.

The last and possibly most crucial thing to understand is that it’s not personal. It’s incredibly challenging to be optimistic. Even after attending hundreds of interviews and distributing many resumes, you may still not receive a call. The appropriate job will come along, friends and relatives will advise, but it might be difficult to believe them occasionally. You’re not by yourself, and the reality is that all it takes is one. Remember that every rejection means that you are just not a good fit. No, it’s not you. Someone had advised keeping a count; every rejection of every application or interview suggested suggested suggested keeping a count. Every rejection of every application or interview indicated offered suggested keeping a count.

Although it’s difficult to accept, this piece of advice is crucial because there often seems to be no end in sight. Allow yourself a day off from the quest if things seem truly hopeless so that you can engage in something enjoyable. Then pick yourself up and return to the scene.

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